Sir Joseph Banks Centre

Sir Joseph Banks Centre – Horncastle

The Sir Joseph Banks Centre provides employment opportunities for Linkage’s service users that support the daily running of the shop and communal gardens in Horncastle.

In a unique partnership with Lincolnshire Community Foundation and the Sir Joseph Banks Society, the shop has established itself as a successful high street training/retail outlet. It provides people with learning disabilities training, real work placement, employment opportunities and allowing them to realise their full potential. 

The young people who come to the Sir Joseph Banks Centre for an introduction to the world of work seem genuinely to love being part of it. We endeavour to ensure they have an environment where individual talents are valued and developed and everyone’s contribution to success is recognised and rewarded.

To achieve this, current training activities include:- 

  • Customer Service
  • Sales, displays and stock control
  • Housekeeping and health & safety at work
  • Horticulture within the garden
  • Travelling to the centre independently

This has all contributed to the growing success of this unique crafts and gifts retail outlet, which supports and sells quality Linkage, local and worldwide products.

The trainees also manage training and meeting rooms that are rented for the use by community groups, social businesses and local charities.

The Sir Joseph Banks Centre and garden is open to the public, Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4pm, and is also now established as a tourist attraction, with the visitor book recording regular visitors from a wide range of destinations. 

For more information, please contact us on: Telephone 01507 526065

7–13 Bridge Street, Horncastle, LN9 5HZ.