Sensory Library





The Linkage Sensory Library is a new venture that will bring fun, learning and the therapeutic benefits of using sensory equipment to people with disabilities, including those with learning difficulties, across Greater Lincolnshire.

It will have items that can be borrowed and a sensory bus that we will take to partner organisations, such as schools and parent support groups. We can work together to identify sensory approaches that increase well-being, confidence and learning.

The library will have exciting resources such as: light/bubble tubes, vibrating cushions, star projectors, bag books, tactile toys and musical instruments.

Our aim is to encourage children, young people, and adults to try the equipment, and borrow it to discover what works for them. Our staff will provide guidance on using the equipment and explain the range and benefits. These include:

  • Stimulation of the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing)
  • Relaxation
  • Helping individuals to focus and be more alert
  • Creating a space where individuals can feel safe and comfortable
  • Increasing interaction with others
  • Enhancing the imagination
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving communication
  • Being able to exercise choice

Contact Niz Smith, Project Co-ordinator, on 01522 503924 or email for further information.